Mendel Bassman

Chief Executive Officer

 & Founder

Mendel graduated from the Rabbinical College of America with a Masters in Talmud. He has eight years of management and finance experience of which 4 years were in the recycling industry.  


Abdulaq Alkhalidi, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

With a Ph.D in chemistry, and years of experience in lecturing and research with numerous patents to his name, Al brings to STR a wealth of experience in many areas pertinent to tire recycling. Al has worked for numerous companies developing very profitable products. Al has been Involved in the field of oil recycling and carbon black research since 1993. He has built numerous machines for pyrolysis and similar projects. Al is an expert in superfluid critical technologies and is the authors of the 2 patents that STR has licensed and the chief architect of STR’s pending patent.


Management Team

Lacramioara Schulte auf'm Erley, PhD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Lacramioara has 17 years experience both in startups and tire industry. She holds a B.S. in Chemical engineering from the Polytechnica University in Romania, a PhD in Nanotechnology from the University of Florida and a MBA from MIT Sloan. She worked in Romania doing research in the tire recycling industry. She authored a number of patents in chemical engineering. She also successfully lead commercialization projects in the nanotechnology fields and has being a PI and co-PI on few SBIR awards.